Sometime last week, my Airpod’s case got broken and I needed to replace it with another so I reached out to a friend who sell gadgets to get a replacement.

He showed me the one he had, he tested my airpod with it and it worked. But there’s a problem, it’s not the original Apple Airpod 2 Case. So I insisted that I wanted the original Apple Airpod 2 Case or nothing. My mind was made up.

Then he did something. He shared a story about how he traveled over the weekend leaving his charger back home. He then mentioned how the Case charged his Airpod through the weekend – for 3 full days.

I bought the case. When I got back home later that day, I pondered why I bought something entirely different from what I planned to buy. I figured I bought because he sold me a story – about how the case had a good battery that helped him get through the weekend.

Selling with Stories is that simple. Tell the customer a story they can relate to. It could be a story about how you’ve helped others solve the problem they’re facing or how your product worked. Show them a Compelling picture of how better things will look when they use your product.


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