Steve Jobs, the world renowned CEO of apple wasn’t actually a marketing Genius from the beginning. In fact, you could say he was one of the most geeky-boring tech entrepreneur of his day.

Then something happened, Steve Jobs was sacked as CEO of Apple. This was a painful and humiliating moment for Jobs. He admitted it was one of the most humbling moments of his life.

Steve then moved on to start Pixar, the animation film company that went on to produce several award-winning animated films. Jobs had found stories. Later when Jobs returned to Apple as CEO, the change in his perspective was evident.

What changed? Jobs was able to Clarify Apple’s message to a simple, compelling story. He became more customer-centric. With Jobs’ experience from working with Storytellers at Pixar, Apple’s marketing material was changed from a 9-Page newspaper article to a simple 2-words ad “Think Different.”

Apple wins because they have a clear message. They have a simple story the customer connects with. A story that is about the customer – her needs, aspirations and challenges.

People don’t buy the “best” products, they buy products they can connect with emotionally.


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